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1968, the Year that Shaped a Generation
Client: Aetna.
Introduction to an 8 minute piece on 1968 vis a vis popular culture, Vietnam, the civil rights movement, and politics.
Writer/Producer: Jeffrey Ernstoff.
Narrator: Sidney Poitier.
TRT: 1:28
Special Olympics and Eunice Kennedy Shriver - A Voice of Conscience
Client: Aetna. 
Honoring the founder of Special Olympics on its 30th anniversary.  
Written and produced by Jeffrey Ernstoff.   Narrator: Sidney Poitier.
TRT:  06:07
Televised PSA: "Home to the Legends of Tennis"
Client: The Int’l Tennis Hall of Fame.
Written by Jeffrey Ernstoff to drive visitors/tourists to the Hall of Fame in Newport, R.I., and its web site.  
TRT: 00:30
Highlights - Michael Jackson Super Bowl XXVII Half-time Show
Clients: TheNFL/Radio City Productions. Creative Director and Musical Consultant: Jeffrey Ernstoff 
TRT:  06:51
Arthur Ashe Website Animation
Honoring the multi-dimensional life of
tennis great Arthur Ashe. 
Visual concept, music and soundtrack assembly: Jeffrey Ernstoff. 
TRT: 00:48
Edited Excerpts from "The Drum Solo"
For Jeffrey Ernstoff ‘s 1-Man Show.
Written and performed by Jeffrey Ernstoff. 
TRT: 04:49
Interview, "Etudes for Innovation"
An interview with Jeffrey Ernstoff, KIN Creative Director on "Etudes for Innovation," a series of concerts produced for the KIN Global conference.
TRT: 05:47
Kids Spell T-H-A-N-K-S-G-I-V-I-N-G,
CBS Thanksgiving Day Parade
Roll-in segment. Concept by Jeffrey Ernstoff. 
TRT: 01:19
Role Playing in Jazz and Management
"Etudes for Innovation," Opus 9, KIN Global 2017. Kristin Korb (bass), Peter Erskine (drums), John Beasley (piano), Jeffrey Ernstoff (saxophone). "Autumn Leaves."
TRT: 08:01
InterPlanetary Film Scores: Art, Craft, Science?
Lecture-demonstration at the Lensic Theater by Jeffrey Ernstoff for the InterPlanetary Festival of The Santa Fe Institute. 
TRT: 01:36:00
The Rhyme Song
Words and music by Jeffrey Ernstoff. 
TRT: 01:05
Excerpts from "Welcome Home, Hall-of-Famers!"
For the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Written and produced by Jeffrey Ernstoff. 
TRT: 03:18
KC150 (Kansas City Anniversary)
Roll-in segment: Kansas City 150th Anniversary. Narrated by Walter Cronkite. Written and produced by Jeffrey Ernstoff.
TRT: 04:09



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