“People think of Jeffrey Ernstoff as a one-stop shopping creative machine– and that’s an apt description: he can conceive everything from copy for a special events proposal to program notes to a speech to a 2 hour TV special to a Super Bowl Halftime show. Once he’s nailed the concept, he can write it up, pitch it, script it, produce music for it, and direct it  - all with class and a great sense of humor.” 

- Arlen Kantarian

Former President and CEO, Radio City Music Entertainment,

Former CEO, Professional Tennis for the United States Tennis Association

While you can hire us for one or several of our services, One-Stop Shopping is most efficient and cost-effective for our clients. It’s also the way in which we prefer to operate, working on the big picture. With all cylinders firing, our interdisciplinary expertise enables us to strategically provide what you deserve: maximum impact.

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