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“Jeffrey’s work at the Fortune Innovation Forum inspired our nine-year collaboration on what became the jewel-in-the-crown of our annual global innovation summit: Etudes for Innovation. The evaluations were astounding. Moreover, I don’t think we could have found anyone else to create this level of customization, quality, and inspiration.”


- Robert C. Wolcott, Co-Founder and Chairman, The World Innovation Network (TWIN)

True innovation takes existing products, concepts, and strategies to breakthrough levels; so should presentations regarding innovation itself. Our programs for Fortune conferences and our 15-year stint as creative director for The World Innovation Network (TWIN) do just that, presenting innovators from various fields and/or Jeffrey Ernstoff in provocative dimensions.

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“I have no idea how you come up with the stuff you do. It's so good, and it's not what people expect at all."

- David Sass

former Chief Marketing Officer, Circle Line Tours, NYC

Understanding what is innovative about the clients’ breakthroughs; suggestions and direction for innovative unusual, effective settings including museums, visitor centers (e.g. the Panama Canal), sports venues, landmarks, art galleries, etc.; unorthodox show-flow, on- screen graphics, clips and scripting.

" broadly innovative…. concepts that are creative, unusual, and backed up by research when they need to be… music that's compelling … and he’s both funny and fun to work with. That's why I've used him for the Statue of Liberty Centennial, Special Olympics, the NFL at 75, holiday programs in Los Angeles..." 

- Gary Smith

multi-Emmy-award-winning producer (Smith-Hemmion, The Gary Smith Company)

Arthur Ashe Website Animation



Innovative animation and soundtrack for

- honoring the multi-dimensional life of  tennis great Arthur Ashe.

Visual concept, music and soundtrack assembly: Jeffrey Ernstoff. c.  

TRT: 00:48.



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