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“Jeffrey served as the Radio City production team’s creative director for four Super Bowl halftimes – including Motown stars, Gloria Estefan, the Radio City Rockettes and, most important, Michael Jackson - the seminal moment in changing the show forever. He was there on the forefront of the evolution that made the Super Bowl halftime the most watched annual event in television.”

- Jim Steeg

Former Senior Vice President of Special Events - National Football League

Great décor elements and A-List celebrity entertainment may make for a great event, but they don’t necessarily make it “special.” What’s truly “special” is dramatic, lasting impact. Applying our 30 years of special events expertise to your civic or corporate milestone gala, achievement awards dinner, charity benefit, or product launch will insure that your message still resonates long after your event is over.

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“When he wrote and directed three major JALC events, he understood our needs, created shows with a smooth flow, and worked with Wynton Marsalis, our hosts, and guest artists to make those events among our best, fostering our fundraising efforts.”

- Katherine E. Brown

former Executive Director, Jazz at Lincoln Center;

current Executive Director, New York City Ballet

Pre-production exploratory meetings, site visits and thematic development;  archival research as necessary; presentation of 3 initial approach options; suggestions of amateur and professional talent; event rundowns, scripting and musical support; interface with lighting,  set design, AV and logistics staff; rehearsals (off-site, tech, and dress).  
Please note:  We focus upon the “show” aspects of  special events, and are not involved with transportation, catering, seating, décor, etc.  

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"Jeff, your work on the Statue of Liberty Centennial Fireworks was just fantastic. Great musical recommendations and great work with special talent. Like our Olympic Ceremonies in LA., you see the big picture, get the job done, and make everyone glad you're on board."

- Tommy Walker

Director,  Statue of Liberty Fireworks Spectacular;

Director, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Los Angeles Olympic Games

Highlights - Michael Jackson Super Bowl XXVII Half-time Show

Clients: The NFL/Radio City Productions.

Creative Director and Musical Consultant: Jeffrey Ernstoff.  TRT:  06:51



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