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“Equally at home on flutes, saxophones and drums, Jeff is a creator of very hip and often funny material for jazz duets, global percussion features, conferences and Super Bowl Halftimes. He works well with others across an extremely broad range of settings, and always inspires his collaborators as well as his audiences."

- Peter Erskine

2-time Grammy-winning drummer with Weather Report, Diana Krall, Seth MacFarlane,

and numerous albums and film scores;

Professor at University of Southern California

When improvising, knowing when to stop is as important as knowing what to play. When underscoring film, knowing how to be unobtrusive is paramount. When writing special or parody lyrics, knowing your audience demographics is the key. Whatever your musical needs may be, we’ll know how to address them.

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“It’s like having your ears massaged by Jeffrey Ernstoff."

- L.A. Music

Performance on saxophones, flutes, and drums; chamber music composition; jingles; original and stock music underscores; special musical material (examples: “Fanfare for Mount Rushmore”; “Brush” for Crest Healthy Smiles campaign); customized and parody lyrics; background playlists; play-ons and play-offs; interim revised synth mock-ups of proposed pieces (software programs: DP and Logic); digital editing; f/x.

“A talent for playing diverse musical instruments."

- The NY Times

Excerpt from

"Saxophones and Women"


Featuring humor and a performance of ‘Till There Was You.” For Jeffrey Ernstoff’s 1-Man Show. Written and performed by Jeffrey Ernstoff.  TRT: 04:27



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